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45 Minute CycleBar Class- did we complete it?

This was such a great class!

I have never taken any kind of cycle class so was a little intimidated walking in to CycleBar Allen but that didn’t last long.

They had our names on lockers when we arrived with a welcome message.

They gave us cycle shoes to wear, water bottles and helped us lock the shoes into the bike and it was go time!

The doors closed so the room was dim except for the instructor and music was great.

Not gonna lie- most of the time I had no idea what she was saying. It was clear in the first 2 minutes there was no way I was going to keep up so I just kind of did my own thing. When they went faster, I went faster, when they stood up- nope, didn’t do that part ha.

It was a fantastic workout and all the ladies that work there are so nice and supportive.

Definitely going back!!

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