Amazing Tooth Whitening at Home

So, I know that results like this can be hard to believe but these strips are amazing.

The photo is after using them just 3 times! I was completely shocked. I love my coffee so really did not expect these results.

But the results don't stay this bright. My teeth are still way whiter than they were to begin with but seem to dull a little be the next day. I plan to use them a couple of times a week.

And getting the strips on takes some getting used to. I brushed my teeth and dried them a little before putting them on or they slid all over the place. Just lightly press and they will stick. By the end of the time, they turn into a weird gel like consistency, and you will need to brush again to get it all off. There is not much of a taste so that is a good thing. I kept them on 30 minutes the 1st time and 40 minutes after that.

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