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Disappointing Visit to Hydrous Wake Park

I think this is my 1st negative post about one of our adventures.….

On Saturday we went to Hydrous - Lake Lewisvillefor a private 2 hour wakeboarding class. We were supposed to be in a private training area with a coach for 2 hours.

We arrived and a nice young man helped us get set up with life jackets, boards and helmets. He then took us to a shelter area by the lake.

We were by ourselves for a few minutes while he very briefly went over how to wakeboard.

The line was getting longer to get on the cables so we just followed along not really knowing what we were doing.

We were instructed a little more as we were waiting for our turn to connect to the cable and the other line of mostly very experienced guys were within a couple feet of us.

The 1st few of us that went out did not know what to do when we fell. It was a little scary floating around in the lake trying to get back to shore with guys zipping around.

The people that work there are very nice but I am disappointed we did not get the experience we paid for. Some of the ladies only tried it a couple times and one just left as we got started.

It was a lot more difficult than we imagined but could possibly have been made a little easier with the right instruction.

It was an adventure but not one I will be planning again for our group.

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