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Guided Kayak Tour on Lake Lavon

One of Adventure Ladies’ most popular activities is a 2 hour guided kayak tour on Lake Lavon with Kayak McKinney.

These tours are perfect for beginners and anyone a little nervous.

Kevin, the guide has been doing these tours for years and has never had anyone tip over or fall in accidentally. A couple of times when it was really hot, ladies wanted to get in the lake to cool off and he showed us how to get in and out of the kayak safely.

Each tour starts with an instruction on how to paddle and control the kayak. He also talks about how to pace yourself and not get worn out.

All kayak tours with Kayak McKinney take place on Lake Lavon. He uses several different boat ramps on the lake launch depending on the wind speeds and direction. The goal is to head into the wind when starting out while you have the most energy and coming back with the wind. He will text a day in advance and let you know where to meet.

Each tour lasts 2 hours and takes you back into some really cool parts of the lake that you can only see by boat. Kevin is very knowledgeable about the lake and fishing and loves to answer questions while out on the water. He also stops and does a group photo before heading back.

When it is time to come back off the water, Kevin goes a little ahead and brings everyone in one at a time and helps you get out of the kayak.

Want to schedule a tour of your own? Make sure you book in advance- he gets really busy in the summer especially for the early morning and sunset tours. More info here:

Adventure Ladies has so many fun adventures planned for all ages! Check out our calendar and join us!

North Texas Adventure Ladies

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