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We All Stood Up 🤩

Adventure Ladies had a Paddleboard lesson at DFW Surf - Frisco and it was great!

If you want to learn to Paddleboard this is the place to go.

When you arrive you will sign your waiver and put your things in a locker that’s provided.

Then head down to the lake where the paddleboards are lined up along the lake. An employee will get you set up with a life vest/belt and paddle.

After going over some basic info it’s time to get on water.

You will start out on your knees to get a feel for it. Once you are away from the water edge, the instructor will show you how to stand up and paddle. It’s great to at least try to stand but if it’s more fun for you to stay seated then that’s perfectly fine too.

Alex helped us and he was so patient.

We had such a great time that we are going back in July. 🤩

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