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Team Adventure Ladies

Do you love adventuring and want to help grow this amazingly special group?

Have something fun in mind that is not on our calendar?

 Team Adventure Ladies is for you!!

How to join?

Joining the team is easy!!! 

  1. Just decide on an activity and date you would like to "host" and send me an email. 

  2. I will handle all the planning, details, collecting fees, reminders etc. 

  3. All you have to do is show up for your adventure, check the attendees in, have fun and take a few photos. 

  4. You choose what kind and how many adventures you would like to host- activities, hikes, dinners, workouts, games....

Benefits of joining Team Adventure Ladies

  • 50% off the cost of your hosting adventure if it includes fees

  • Earn points towards future events, trips and merchandise (coming soon) for each event you host

  • Choose the types of adventures or even trips you would like to do, when you want to do them

  • Be the first to be notified if a paid Adventure Ladies job opportunity opens up. 

  • Your photo included on our team page

Please send all event hosting requests to

Call /Text



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