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Adventure Ladies Travel


February 3rd - 9th 2024

🌟 Welcome to Adventures in Florida - Your Personalized Paradise! 🌴

Prepare for a Florida adventure tailored to your preferences, where you have the freedom to choose your own path. Our trip offers a perfect blend of excitement, relaxation, and the opportunity to connect with fellow adventure ladies. 

🌅 Wake Up to Paradise: Begin your day in a charming Art Deco-style hotel just steps away from Clearwater Beach's pristine shores. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views and savor the freedom to set your own pace.

🌊 Create Your Adventure: Our itinerary offers a variety of experiences, but you decide which ones resonate with you. Whether it's swimming with manatees, kayaking, or horseback riding, these activities are optional. Feel free to opt-in if they align with your interests.

🚣 Unique Experiences that we will do together as a group 

🎢 Busch Gardens: Prepare for an exhilarating day at Busch Gardens, where heart-pounding rides and captivating encounters with wildlife promise pure excitement and entertainment. It's a thrilling experience that will leave your heart racing with adrenaline.

🐬 Clearwater Aquarium: Explore the Clearwater Aquarium, home to Winter the Dolphin, famous for the movie "Dolphin Tale." As you witness the wonders of marine life conservation up close, your heart will swell with admiration for these remarkable creatures.

🐨 Koala Encounter at ZooTampa: Delve into the enchanting world of koalas with a heartwarming encounter at ZooTampa. Experience the warmth of these adorable creatures and gain insight into the vital conservation efforts in place. Your heart will be brimming with compassion and a deeper connection to wildlife.

⛵ Dolphin Cruise: Set sail along the stunning Florida coast on a scenic dolphin cruise. Here, you'll witness playful dolphins in their natural habitat, and the tranquil coastal beauty will envelop you. It's a serene moment that will leave your heart at peace, surrounded by the soothing beauty of nature.

🌴 Relaxation and Bonding: Beyond thrilling adventures, there's ample time for relaxation and connection with fellow travelers. Lounge on the beach, explore Clearwater, or simply unwind by the shore. The trip is designed for you to forge lasting connections with the other ladies.

Prepare for a journey that is as unique as you are. Adventures in Florida is all about personalization, ensuring that every moment aligns with your desires and allows you to bond with fellow adventurers. Your personalized adventure begins here! 💫🌴❤️

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