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Fun Way to Explore Downtown Dallas

Updated: May 5, 2022

Adventure Ladies went on a tour of downtown Dallas with Nation Tours-Dallas Saturday and had so much fun.

North Texas Adventure Ladies with Nation Tours-Dallas Segway

I was a little concerned about parking my big truck downtown but luckily there was a parking lot right across the street that was pretty empty and uses an app to pay the parking fee.

When we got to the Segway office they had us sign waivers and then get helmets that were still hanging up after being sanitized from the last tour.

We had a large group so the tour guides split us up in 2 groups for the training. Quite a few ladies were nervous but quickly learned that operating a Segway is really easy. Each of us took a turn with the guide showing how to safely get on and off, how to turn, stop etc.

We all felt comfortable after about 30 minutes so it was time to hit the streets.

Touring downtown on a segway is an incredible way to see and learn about Dallas. We got to see the food truck park, art district, explore some of the green/park areas and hear about new things being added. The guides even offered to take photos for us at great photo ops.

Both the guides are super into history so the stop at the JFK Memorial took a little while but so worth it. We got to hear stories and theories about that fateful day. One of the stories about the timeline of Lee Harvey’s arrest still has me thinking. I had never heard any of that. You must ask them to tell you all about it.

After about an hour and a half we headed back to the office. We have done this tour with Nation Tours-Dallas a couple of times and will definitely do it again.

It was a fantastic afternoon.

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